What is a SEER?

This is season energy efficiency ratio and it is how heating and air conditioning equipment is rated.

What is a BTU?

It is the amount of work needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.


Should I treat my drain line?

Treating your drain line is like changing the oil in your car. Once a month you should treat the drain line with either Clorox or vinegar to keep it free and running. A clogged drain line can shut down your a/c system.


Why change my filter monthly?

Changing the filter on a monthly basis keeps your evaporator coil clean from dust and debris which can cause low cooling efficiency.


Are there rebates?

At this time both Orlando Utilities Commission and Duke Energy offer rebates on HEAT PUMP systems installed. There are also seasonal rebates offered by the equipment manufacturer. You will need to call and see if they are available when you are ready to purchase a system.


Should I do maintenance on my heating & air conditioning system?

At least once a year you should have your system checked out to make sure that it is operating to the best of its capacity. We usually recommend having this done in the spring of the year before time to start using the air conditioning 24 hours a day.